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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Update & Week 3 SCC Goals

I just want to start out with an apology for having made all of you listen to me rant and rave my stress at you! It's a stressful job I have and I'm taking steps to work through it all! On another note, my computer completely died...so my day started off by going to Best Buy to pick up a new one that was on sale. Sigh! Why don't they make electronics like they used to? My first laptop lasted 4 years before it died! Then I bought one that I thought was good...the cord caught fire and I had to get rid of the entire unit. That made it through my senior year of college and a year beyond that before it crapped out. Now this laptop I had only lasted a year! Now I am not rough with my computers and I really only use them for Microsoft Word, Facebook and blogging... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?

But in any event I have a new computer and I'm still working out all the kinks!

This week of the SCC Challenge my starting weight is: 269.6
I am weighing in on WEDNESDAY which is only three days away...so I'm not sure that there's going to be any big loss, haha! That's what I get for having to postpone my WI day. Looking for staying the same or a small loss when I go!

The SCC mini goal is no sweets...now... I don't know about this one. I am not a big sweets girl. I'd honestly prefer to have salty snacks. I bought an air popper and I love to do popcorn; salt and vingear is my weakness. However I do eat skinny cow ice cream a few times a week as part of my plan...and it helps keep me on track. I think that cutting this out would be setting me up for failure. I only have a limited amount of food items at home because I do Jenny Craig! And I just went to Target YESTERDAY and bought a whole bunch of skinny cow ice cream because it was on sale and I didn't get my usual snack things because I am on a very tight budget. So I am going to bow out of this challenge for financial reasons, sorry ladies! I will do another week with no sweets to make up for it!

The upcoming week is busy and will be full of stress. And next weekend I am going away with my mom for my birthday! My birthday is on January 25th but she asked if I wanted to do a girl's weekend with her for my birthday and we're going to a quaint historic inn in Massachusetts. There will be temptations but we're doing a 17 mile walking tour that should hopefully solve any issues! I'll update you on the trip as we get closer ;)

Let's look at last weeks goals.

1) I will watch 1 movie start to finish. - Finally saw Easy A, haha that was cute!

2) I will buy a new pair of weigh in pants. (Mine are too big and almost fall off my butt)Bought some at Target online. They've shipped out!

3) I will try on a pair of jeans in my closet that were too small last month. Maybe they will fit? Will post picture. - Going to do this one tomorrow hopefully!


1) I will do the 30 Day Shred 2x - 1/2 - Plan on doing this Saturday morning

2) Do Weight Loss Yoga 2x- 0/2

3) Do Exercise Bike for 20 minutes- 2/2


1) I will track my calories religiously on Sparkpeople.Com EVERY DAY!
2) I will drink at least 80oz (10 glasses) of water EVERY DAY!

3) I will try 1 new recipe and post it on my blog (I think I have one in mind!) - Check back tonight!!

Exercise goals...major, major fail. I am not happy at all. However! That does not mean I'm giving up. I just need to reevaluate my goals for next week.

So let's look at WEEK 3 GOALS!


1) I will do 2 minutes of deep breathing each day to help with stress relief.

2) I will organize and print out the papers that I will need for going to Italy in February.

3) I will do one thing just for me, haven't decided if it'll be a haircut, mani/pedi or something else!

Exercise Goals:

1) Exercise Bike for 20 Minutes 3x

2) Wear Pedometer Every Day and Track Miles

3) Do Exercise DVD 2x this week


1) I will track religiously on Sparkpeople.Com

2) I will drink at least 80oz water daily

3) I will make good choices when going out to eat!

So here are some goals! Lets see if we can make this week awesome!


  1. Hi Kate! Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. Your blog is what you want it to be so no apologies for venting are necessary! It sounds like you are doing great with your goals.

  3. Everyone is allowed to let out their stress through a rant - it makes us human! It seems like quite a few people had a slight week 2 "slump" in some way this past week. All we can do is get better from here. I'm here being your cheerleader and I appreciate all the support I get back from you. We definitely are becoming blog buddies :)

  4. I strongly believe your blog is your blog, you write about whatever you want. I like that you have a stress relief goal that's so important.

  5. Hon don't ever apologize for needing to vent. This is your little space in cyber world :)
    Doing a little something to pamper yourself each week is a definite must!!
    Good luck for this week chicka, keep on truckin'.

  6. I agree with other responders. Do what you want on this blog. It is your blog. also the sweets mini challenge is whatever you want it to be... So do what works. I definitely like your NSV goals.... good balance. Have great week.

  7. Love your weekly goals!! And the mini challenge will definitely challenge me this week.

  8. Italy! Exciting and tres tres chic! Bitch all you want girl, better out than in and this is the PERFECT space. You aren't going to offend anyone, hurt anyones feelings, and hopefully you feel better afterwards! I totally think your goals are attainable and can't wait to hear more from you throughout the week xx

    - DS

  9. I love your goals! Great jb and keep up the great work!

  10. This is your blog. Write whatever you want!
    As for the no sweets, if you have planned something into your eating.. I wouldn't skip it. For me, I need certain things to "stay sane", if you know what I mean?

  11. I think it's fantastic that you know what things will set you up for failure. It took me so long to learn this! Good for you!

  12. You are wise to realize that going "no sweets" would be the wrong path for you. Hey, we don't all have to participate in all the mini challenges to still have fun and be successful. Stormy is not that strict. So just do what works for you and try to reach the goals you have set for yourself. I hope we all have a better week this week!

  13. Great goals. Your weekend trip sounds great, maybe the relaxation you need right now.

  14. I think planned sweets are an important part of your routine! If skipping them make you more likely to break routine, definitely keep them. :)

    As for venting, sometimes we all need to let something out - isn't that what most of us blog for?

    Good luck on week 3!

  15. WOW, I wish I were as organized as you. Lots of luck on your SCC goals. Enjoyed reading your post.