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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weigh in Eve

Hi all!

Thanks for all the warm wishes. I promise tons of Italy pictures on my return ;) Until I leave though it seems like nonstop preparation to get ready! I've already begun packing, I have all my pertinent papers (including copies of my passport) printed out, and am heading into the home stretch with getting things settled! Anything you can think of that you ALWAYS forget or wish you brought with you when travelling? Post a comment with items I might and I'd love you forever...I am forever forgetting ONE stupid thing or not thinking of something I need. <3 I have decided packing is good exercise.

Food has been very good! On Sunday I went out with my dad and I had already done my menu before I left. I ate exactly what I said I would and drank a big glass of water when I was out. And I had a great time! We went to see the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close...wow, that was an AWESOME movie and made me cry my eyes out. But it also made me laugh and smile. GREAT flick. Definitely not for kids. It's rated PG-13 but...honestly, I almost wish they put an R rating on it. There's really no cursing but the violence and depictions of the 9/11 attacks were hard for me to swallow...and I'm not 13/14 years old either! I think this could be traumatic for some people.

In other news tomorrow is weigh in day and I am also going to the psychologist. I'm looking forward to both appointments! I've been doing really good food wise although exercise has been lacking...I really hope that I see a loss on the scales this week! Aunt Flow has been really bothering me lately...last week when I weighed in, that night she came for a visit but only lasted one day. And after being over 6 week late, I was expecting more out of her. And then today I feel really crampy and it's all in my uterus...so I'm thinking she might make a real appearance sometime soon. And that may not help me out in weigh-in land. But oh well, I'll take what comes! My pants (even my "skinny" jeans) are starting to get really loose again...it won't be long until I'm in a size 18, I can feel it!

So far my goals are going well! I've been eating up what's in my fridge and freezer (in a healthy way), cleaning piece by piece, and taking care of business!

I hope your week is going excellent too! Skinny vibes to all, especially my Wednesday weighers!


  1. Probably shouldn't take packing advice from me...I usually pack about 1 hour before I have to leave. I didn't even pack up MY WHOLE HOUSE in Boston until the day before I moved to Seattle. Whoops.

    Aunt Flow plays tricks on me all the time so I feel your pain there.

    Good job on your goals this week, even if it doesn't show on the scale at least you know you're making good life choices :)

  2. Have fun and try not to stress about totm :D

  3. Congrats on the goal achieving! And can't wait to hear about your trip. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

  4. If you remember your bank card and passport you're good. Everything else can be sorted out. :)

    I am positive that you will LOVE it there. And do remember to eat that amazing Italian ice cream :D

  5. so excited for you & your trip!

    aunt flo is just a mean, heartless wench...
    'nuff said!

    good luck with your weigh-in!