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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are We There Yet?


It's not Friday? Darn.

I have about had it this week. I'm already swamped with my work plus the work of lazynurse who's on vacation for the THIRD time since she started 2 months ago. And on top of it, my boss keeps piling more and more work on my plate. The last two days I've worked from 7a-7p...and now on Thursday I have an admission which may have to be done late! WHAT!? I already have a FULL SCHEDULE. And I tried explaining this to my boss but she said 'Oh well we don't have a physical therapist to go on Friday so...it has to be done. Oh and it has to be done immediately. Oh and the physical therapist might be there working with the patient...' Say what!? That is RIDICULOUS. I'm supposed to go through an hour's worth of paperwork in 15 minutes? Even I am not that good.

The only good thing is that on Friday I only have two visits and will get home early. But still, I'm ready to tear my hair out at this point. Can I please get a break? Even tomorrow which is WI day (which I'm dreading) and I'm supposed to be off, I have to be on call...even though I do not get paid to be on call. I get paid only if I get a call and have to go out. Ridiculous.

I do not feel well...I'm going on a month of having my period very heavily. I feel like I'm all bloated and retaining water...I'm sure I'm going to gain even though I've been perfect on plan. Here's to hoping for a small loss, I really want some good news!


  1. Aw I'm sorry you are having such a bad week! Good luck tomorrow with WI!

  2. Yuck Yuck Yuck!! Sorry you are having a rough time this week!! Hopefully it will go by super fast!!

  3. And people say nurses are paid well?! I say HA! to that! We are paid like crap for what we do.

  4. I get on call pay but it is peanuts for the week. I get paid when I go out on a call but it is at the regular rate. It bites but I do like my homecare job. PM admits suck. We had one last Friday noc. Bid vanco and wound vac. Can you say weekend hospital dump??