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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weigh in Eve

Well it's Tuesday night and tomorrow I face the scale!

I feel good...maybe I actually lost weight this week! I have to keep positive because I'm really sure I actually gained. Probably because I'm crazy.

My sister is visiting me! YAY! I had a light day at work...or so I thought. I picked her up after my visits and I had to pop by the office and brought her with me. Poor thing ended up having to wrap up gift bags and sitting in the car for the better part of 2 hours. I feel HORRIBLE. Ugh :( And I hope I didn't get myself in trouble at work...my boss didn't say anything about it and she usually would tell me right away if there's something the matter. But I heard a lot of not-so-quiet whispering from one bitch in the office who likes to make trouble.  Or maybe I'm just looking for things to stress about because I'm trying not to think about weighing in tomorrow :/ I feel anxious and awful.

1.6 more pounds until I meet my Labor Day Challenge goal of 25 pounds down! We'll see!!! Fingers crossed!

Anyway went to Target and finally got a DVD player! I really like it! YOGA DVD HERE I COME!

Feeling kinda sick and anxious, hope everyone has a good night!

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