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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sticky Sunday

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day on plan!

It is sooo sticky and hot outside...and the rain has not stopped. It's been pouring since last night. I'll admit, we need the rain! But I was looking forward to my hike. Well that was a wash! I can't say I've done too much in the way of activity other than convincing myself that a shower was necessary and doing the dishes in the sink. Not exactly a win for that...I'm convincing myself that I need to do time on my exercise bike this afternoon!

Food wise I've had a good week and weekend. Weigh in is coming on Wednsday and I'm eager to see. This week I've started doing meals on my own for several breakfasts. I got Special K with Red Berries, Banana Nut Cheerios and Life cereal which I've been eating with skim milk. I picked the cereals because they closely matched the calories, fiber, fat, etc of the Cranberry Almond JC cereal. So I did that 3x this week and I have it on my meal planner 4x next week, unless I see a gain in which case it'll be back to JC breakfasts.

I did a meal on my own for lunch yesterday and although I did splurge a bit, I think I made good choices. Instead of picking a high fat food, I went for a low calorie salad. There was about 4oz of chicken (used my dining out guide tips for eyeballing portions). The chicken was very thin and about the lenth of my palm. The sauce on it was Frank's Hotsauce (I'd know that taste anywhere!). It was on a big plate of romaine with cucmber and cherry tomato. The fattening part came in with the bleu cheese crumbles which I estimated were probably about 1/4 of a cup. And 2 tablespoons of full fat bleu cheese I got on the side-- I didn't eat all of it either. I had unsweetened iced tea to drink and put a splenda packet in it. All in all, I think it was a major success! And for dinner last night I had a broccoli and cheese stuffed potato to save some exchanges (meat exchange you're supposed to add = bleu cheese in my salad, I decided).

I'm hoping for a loss this week so we will see! I can already start to feel my clothes fitting better...and that is a success in my book!

Monday looks like an okay day at work but Tuesday is going to be a huge pain. I'm working from 6am-6pm...and since I'm on the road, I am not going to be able to stop, make my lunch, and keep on my way. I'm trying to work into my day a break where I can stop home and at least throw some lunch into the microwave but it's looking very difficult at the moment. I will make good choices no matter what though! I can do it!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Sunday and has a great week!

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  1. Suggestion: Go to Target/Wal-Mart and get a food thermos. You can pop a Rotini and Meatballs, Beef Chow Main, etc in there and eat it when lunch time rolls around. I do it all the time... and it stays warm!