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Saturday, August 20, 2011

So-So Saturday: Part II

Two posts in one day, lucky you!

I did okay at lunch but I definitely could've done better. I got a grilled chicken sandwich but I didn't eat the bun and I didn't have any mayo on it. I also did not touch a SINGLE FRENCH FRY ON THE PLATE!? Are you proud of me? I'm proud of me! We went to TGI Fridays and they have a right portion right price thing but I found the menu confusion. They put all of those on different pages and I had trouble finding them. And in the end I just felt like grilled chicken with some Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. I know I splurged but I think I did okay. Not great. Just okay!

For dinner I had a JC broccoli and cheese stuffed potato with extra steamed broccoli, yum! Lower calorie choice and I didn't add any meat that meal so I saved those exchanges for my big lunch. Yum, it was excellent!

In other news, my new roommate has moved in. He came with my brother and a couple guys and the poor kid has basically nothing. All of his clothes were in trash bags and needed to be washed, so the laundry is going now. And he's very excited to live here, so that's good! Things are changing and I'm not sure what to make of it! For now I'm hanging out, sipping diet root beer, and watching TV!

Anything new and interesting with my trusty blog buddies??


  1. Im obsessed with feeding your fish lol thats whats new in my life haha

  2. LOL Teresa, I <3 you. I love those fish.

    I put them there because I feed my fish (instead of my face). :-P!