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Saturday, August 6, 2011

CAUTION: Angry Rant Ahead

Well, I suppose with any family visit there's always one family member that just drives you up and down the wall? Well for me, that is my mom. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom. I am just really sick of the way things are going around here. I bought a condo in November and it has been a great investment. I got a great deal on it and I've made some improvements for sure! I replaced the ugly grey carpet for lovely laminate floors, I redid the tiling in the bathroom and the kitchen floors, I've purchased furniture and art, and I've made this place my own!

But the one thing I haven't had is curtains/blinds up...at all...since I moved in. Now, let me start at the beginning...when I told my father I was going to hire someone to come out and measure the windows, order blinds, etc...he threw a fit. He said he'd measure it all and help me order the blinds, etc, that's a dad's job. Cut to six months later, he finally comes around to help me measure. I ordered the blinds and they arrived but it took another month and a half to schedule a time he could come over (it's approx 30 minutes from his house to mine). Well, turns out he measured the windows wrong. The first time he came to help me put them up, he said he needed extension brackets (might as well be speaking Greek because I have noooo idea what this stuff is). The blinds company sent them to me for free...so I didn't care, it was just one more week without blinds. They arrived and my dad came the next weekend to find out there's a 3 inch excess on each side of the blinds!!!!!!!!

At this point, I went through a total run around with the blinds company who were being completely inflexible... and they told me it would cost hundreds of dollars for me to ship the blinds back to the company, have them cut down, and then shipped back. Another week goes by and my dad asked if I'd be okay with him paying for curtains to hide the mistake...which I readily agreed to. So today my family came over, my mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend to put up the blinds and get the curtain situation settled. The boys had the blinds under control so my mom, sister and I sat and chatted for a while. So we were going to go out for lunch and then pick up the rods/curtains at Lowes.

Good part of the day: I did great at lunch. I've been making No Thanks to Cake's buffalo chicken salad for the last 3 days, haha. But I decided to have the buffalo chicken salad at the cute cafe down the street for me. The chicken was grilled and was about a 4oz portion with just hot sauce on it, there was some bleu cheese crumbles and I ordered the dressing on the side. I had unsweetened iced tea to drink. All in all, I think I made a great choice! I ate slowly and enjoyed every bite of my salad. I didn't eat much of the dressing because the bleu cheese crumbles made it moist enough. For breakfast I had a JC breakfast stuffed sandwich and for dinner I'm planning on having a broccoli and cheese stuffed potato, so I splurged just a little but I'm well within my calorie count for the day! Not to mention I'm going to get more than enough exercise picking up my house that was trashed by my family coming over...

Anyway, back to me complaining about things you probably don't care about! We went to Lowes after lunch and I picked out rods and curtains only for the living room, I didn't find anything that really suited my needs for the bedroom or the dining room. Well my mother starts going on and on about how this will have to wait for another day and how she's done for the day and wants to go home and nap. That's all well and good but I'm having guests over on Wednesday and I really wanted this all done. The blinds look ridiculous (that's why I need the curtains to hide them). After nearly eight months of this back and forth, I feel completely and totally overwhelmed. This was supposed to be the day that we got everything done. At least get the darn rods up so I can get curtains and put them up myself!! But no, my mom needs to go home and take a nap...

I feel so frusrated and powerless. If I just hired a damn guy for 50 bucks or whatever, this would be done. I wouldn't have had to deal with all this BS. So I have rods in my closet taking up space, my house is covered in dust from putting the blinds up and their power tools, cups are all over, I need to take all sorts of boxes to the dumpster, my whole bed got ripped apart, my alarm clock unplugged... I am just done. I seriously, totally want to curl up and eat my feelings. UGH!

Instead I'm going to commence phase II of the housewife workout --cleaning what's already been cleaned twice since yesterday. If it wasn't storming out I'd go for an angry walk...but that's out of the question. Maybe I'm being too sensitive or irrational...I just am so sick of things being unfinished. And my mom saying she had to go home and nap when everyone else was ready to take the last 20 minutes and help me put up a couple of rods so everything could be complete...that really got me burning. But of course not, as usual it's all about her.

One thing about me is that it takes a lot for me to get angry...it's taken me eight months to even get a little bit annoyed at the situation. But now that I am mad? I've bottled it up really good and now it's 'contents under pressure'! Watch out, I'm ready to explode. So I'm doing my best not to have a complete meltdown (writing this blog post kinda helped!) Anyone have any words of wisdom to share on letting go of stress and anger? Or maybe a similar experience they want to share? I could really use the help!

If you're still reading at this point, I love you and you are awesome. <3 Thanks for letting me rant on like a crazy person and get some of my feelings out!


  1. "Anyone have any words of wisdom to share on letting go of stress and anger? Or maybe a similar experience they want to share? I could really use the help!"

    I've always found that (controlled) anger motivated me to change thinks I didn't like about myself, or situations that I allowed to get out of control.

    Maybe it may wind up being a blessing for you if you let it out and direct it towards positive actions?

  2. Wow, we have so much in common! My mother too feels that the entire world revolves around her, not to mention that she's just a crappy person. (DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!)

    Something that I am consistently working on is the *lovely* cliche, "Don't sweat the small stuff." I know at this point you are worried about having friends over and the blinds looking bad, but really, after they leave it won't even matter. Plus, you have a funny story to tell them about why the blinds are that way.

    I would put this in the "Lessons learned" file. Next time you will know exactly what you need to do if you have a household project.

    Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my lessons learned file is probably about as tall as your condo and growing everyday! :)

  3. Honestly, I'd be frustrated, too. Consider it a lesson learned. They're your parents for better or worse. Hopefully you've calmed down by now but if not go take a hot bath-that always relieves my stress! {{{Hug}}}

  4. RPh - You're so right, I totally focused my anger into cleaning up my trashed house. And it helped getting some of my rage out! Thanks for reading and for your helpful comment!

    Amanda - Yes I toootally get where you're coming from. You're right about my friends...they're not friends with me because I have nice blinds, LOL. I hate that we have to learn these lessons the hard way, but it makes us better, stronger people?

    Thanks for commenting!

    And really would love to take a bath, mmmm. Maybe light my beach scented candle!? Thanks for writing, you guys have helped me avoid a stroke!

  5. "Thanks for writing, you guys have helped me avoid a stroke!"

    Then my job is done. ;-)