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Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh boy am I glad it's Friday. It's been a tough week in some ways. I've had a bit of a lighter work schedule but I've had a lot of stuff going on outside of work. Our CEO passed away suddenly on Tuesday and there has been a real black cloud over the halls of my workplace. Services were going on all week and although I didn't know the man well, his wife is one of the homecare nurses and I feel awful for her. It really makes me sad when young people die (I work with patients, the oldest of which is 103, so I consider 58 young). The worse part is that it was very sudden. We were told he was going to have some surgery but was working from home...a week after that an e-mail went around that said he had colon cancer but they were looking into treatment options. Two weeks later he passed away very unexpectedly.

Colon cancer is something that I've seen a lot more of these days. And it always affects me when someone I know dies. Today I'm using my blog to plug routine screenings. Early detection of cancer saves lives! Have your mammograms, colonoscopies, prostate exams, etc...early detection is the best chance for survival and success!

Okay now that I've depressed the hell out of you, I am very glad to share that my family is coming to spend the weekend with me. I have a brother and a sister (both younger) who are both going to college for Engineering (at different schools). My sister is 22 months younger than me, she's on a 7 year program to get her Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in Engineering at her college! For the next year, starting in September, she's going to be studying in Italy. So I'm glad to have time to spend with her!! She's coming home this weekend with her boyfriend! My dad's birthday is tomorrow, on the 6th, and my brother's birthday is the 10th. My dad has generously offered to help me put up my blinds and get things settled in the house and then we're all going to go out to lunch!

Since I got off from work a bit early, I've been doing the housewife workout for several hours and woof! I am beat! I deep cleaned my condo from top to bottom and boy was I sweating! I moved all my furniture to vaccum underneath, I organized closets, finally unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it, started laundry, dusted, washed the bathtub and shower, and a bunch of other nitpicky little tasks. It feels really good now that it's done though!

Going out to lunch tomorrow is going to be good. I am looking around at restaurants, I am armed with my dining out guide and I know I can make good choices! I also have decided to have a JC lunch for dinner so I don't go way over calories. I know that there will be some splurging when I go out so skipping my JC snack and having a JC lunch for dinner will balance things out.

Also I'm looking forward to possibly crossing one of the things off my 30 before 30 list!!! My family and I are thinking of hiking up Talcott Mountain. It IS supposed to be nasty this weekend so I'm not sure if it'll actaully happen (it's dangerous to hike up a wet trail) but I'm hopeful! It would be great to cross that off!

Looking forward to a great weekend. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. OK so things are about to get weirder...MY dad's birthday is also tomorrow...Pretty sure we must have been separated at birth. If you want I could always give you my cell # and whenever you need a little motivation you can text me and if I'm not at work I'll go out for a walk at the same time so its like you have a walking buddy!


    I would love that. I'm going to e-mail you my cell # and then you can text me with yours if you want! Phone calls cost us minutes, I share the plan with my whole family but I have unlimited texting so we could text any time. Haha. It's bizzare how much we have in common!

  3. My heart goes out to your coworker. losing someone, is always hard. hopefully your plug for early detection helps someone :)

  4. Have a great weekend with your family!!!!

  5. Have a great weekend with your family! Totally jealous that your sister is going to be in Italy for a whole year!! Enjoy those precious moments!