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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Shot Heard Round the Blogosphere

April is an awesome woman and blogger, and someone who is inspiring to me. Her latest blog post depicted another blogger trashing her for making "mistakes" while on a diet. And it got me thinking...

Are there such things as mistakes on a diet?

Did I eat too much broccoli this week? Was that Skinny Cow ice cream I treated myself to a "bad" idea? Was my lack of exercise today (Due to my EYES BEING SWOLLEN SHUT) an indicator that I'm doomed to be fat my whole life? Are foods really "good" and "evil"? Why ISN'T a bite a standardized unit of measure!?!??!?!?

Maybe this resonates with me so deeply because of the weekend I had with my family. Or maybe it's something that I think about more because I AM overweight. I've been bullied and teased about my weight since I was a kid. I remember so many cruel jokes and nicknames and "crash diets" that my mother put me on to "make me lose 5 pounds". I have a patient right now who I went to see one Sunny morning. I was wearing my pink scrubs and I thought I looked pretty good. Down about 25 pounds, had exercised that morning so my endorphins were up...and I walked into her house where she promptly told me I looked like a big fat pig. Just what everyone wants to hear from a little old lady...if she's thinking it, you know there are others out there.

But somehow, when I look back on everything...it got me to where I am right this very second.

Maybe I needed to learn grace or humility...maybe I needed to evolve my sense of humor...or learn to appreciate what gifts I've been given...maybe I need more hobbies if this is what I'm thinking about on a Friday afternoon!!!

In any event, in honor of April...today I will post a BONUS RECIPE.

Yes, it's another alcoholic beverage. So sue me.

BUT it's also worth TWO FRUIT SERVINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry Slush
Servings: Just one. Yum.


    1 jigger (1.5oz) Strawberry Flavored Vodka (Or regular)
    1 Cup Frozen Unsweetened strawberries
    3 tsp Splenda (or to taste)


1. Add frozen strawberries, splenda and vodka to blender.

2. Blend until slushy! You might need a few drops of water to add some liquid (only if needed, depends on how frozen your strawberries are)

3. Kick back, enjoy.

Nutritonal Breakdown

Do I have to compare it to a 600 calorie strawberry daquiri? I don't think so.

This one's for you, April!


  1. Are you calling me a lush? ;) Oh wait, I am a self proclaimed lover of the adult beverage industry. I have to try this and hopefully soon! When I'm engaging in these little 'diet blunders' what I'm really doing is living and I refuse to give that up!

    You are awesome!!! You know what you want in lifetime and guess what - to all the hatin' ass bitches- that makes you dangerous woman. Look out world!!! :) You've got more grace and class than most people I know - and certainly more than people who bash other bloggers. I mean, really? Lol

    I can not fathom in a year or more being say, 190 pounds, and making fun of a new blogger who is 280 pounds. Who the hell would I be, how darkened would my soul have to be to offer negative energy to someone trying to find & then free themselves from the chains of weight? Never would a decent human being find a cheap thrill or a hearty belly laugh (big belly or not) in someone else's fight for their life! Certain things in life are not meant to be understood.... this might be one of them so forget about it and move on.

    Celebrate life and all of its blessings and farewell to the people who want to drag us down. For that, cheers right back to you Kate!!! I LOVE the recipe!!!!!

  2. I don't understand ever why people bash other's here on blogs, in real life, on FB, whereever. I always say this that they wouldn't like it if they were being bashed, yet they go around bashing others. I often wonder if they are hurting that much about things or that angry about things that they have to take it out on something or someone else. It just is sad that it happens and sorry it happened to a dear friend of yours.

    I agree with you; there is never a mistake on a diet. It is a learning process with works the best for someone to achieve the results they want and then to ultimately be able to keep the weight off when they reach goal.

    Your drink does sound good. I know my SIL drinks a drink made with vodka, low calorie, can't remember the name of it right now, but its worth 2 points on WW compared to 4 points for a glass of wine (my weakness, LOL)


  3. Wow... That post was ridiculous. I'm a little disappointed I clicked on that blog to read her rant though. I hate giving attention to folks that don't deserve it. Hmmpf!

    @April... I agree you rock, and stay AWAY from the negative energy. It's your journey to live and yours to judge (ONLY.)

    I've been a little detached from the blogosphere, after a crazy weekend off plan... Tempted to post the detail in all its glory as a salute to you, April!

    Have a great weekend, ladies!!

  4. Kate, my dear. I wanted to say thank you AGAIN for posting on my behalf and offering your support when this happened. It really became a messy ass event, huh? The best thing to do is move on - the good thing is we move on together. Nobody is perfect and that's not even what I'm striving for. Progress, not perfection.

    I almost regret bringing it up because then it seemed to have given this individual a license to open fire on others. I'm sorry you have to deal with it, but my best advice - ignore it. I said what I had to say then a farewell to the individual who wrote about me and haven't let myself go back on the offensive because it's pointless. Opinions are like a-holes and everybody has one - some just take the partnership between the too way too literally.

    Be blessed, my friend. Focus on those blessings and the positivity it brings. You are worth it. This is my third time saying this today and I mean it more every time I type it: Fuck all this and let's get back to business!!! :)